June 2, Hell’s Gate

The contest is about to start at Hell’s Gate in Texas. Champions will be there drawing figures. Just a few seconds before kissing the Possum Kingdom Lake water

Diver at Hell's Gate Texas 2018 Red Bull Cliff Diving World Series


June 30, Bilbao

Flamboyant vibes ready to spread the Basque Country this afternoon. It’s happening in Bilbao, where divers are about to start competing for another stage of the Red Bull Cliff Diving 2018. And flying into Nervión river alongside the shining Guggenheim Museum, of course


July 14, São Miguel Island

Throwback to last saturday Red Bull Cliff Diving stage at São Miguel. Azores are pure atlantic scenery. And authentic, volcanic spots


August 5, Sisikon

Alps on the horizon keep the motivation higher and higher. The swiss stage of Red Bull Cliff Diving lighted up a european heritage in Lake Lucerne yesterday. Where Lysanne Richard and Gary Hunt climbed on top of the podium!

Gary Hunt diving at Sisikon stage of Red Bull Cliff Diving 2018


August 25, Opera House

The Opera House of Copenhagen recalls brilliant composers. Red Bull Cliff Diving protagonists joined them this weekend for some precious duets!


September 8, Mostar

Diving in the past with an eye to the future. A mythical landmark welcomed Red Bull Cliff Diving athletes last weekend. The 16th century Mostar old bridge, rebuilt in 2004, was a prestigious step towards the finale of Polignano a Mare, Italy

Michal Navratil diving at Mostar stage of Red Bull Cliff Diving 2018


September 23, Polignano a Mare

Red Bull Cliff Diving end of the season in Polignano a Mare was an emotional rollercoaster. The championships finale displayed duels for both women and men. With the battle for 🏆 Kahekili trophy fought till the last round. My congrats to 2018 winners Gary Hunt and Rhiannan Iffland. The strain belongs to every athlete who knows that even a small detail can change her/his result. The competition to achieve glory is rewarding for all!

Rhiannan Iffland and Gary Hunt with Kahekili trophy at Polignano a Mare final stage of Red Bull Cliff Diving 2018

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