April 2, El Nido

El Nido lagoons in south western Philippines were theater of green & teal paths of glory. Such a unique scenery for the kick off of the Red Bull Cliff Diving 2019 season

Xantheia Pennisi diving at El Nido in Philippines


May 12, Dublin

12 degrees outside, 12 degrees overboard.
The severe breeze blowing around Dublin bay pushed Red Bull Cliff Diving second stage on a sublime competitivity


June 2, Polignano a Mare

That beauty of Red Bull Cliff Diving in south of Italy is renewed every season. It lies in the relationship between fans and athletes. You’re there in person catching their feelings, encouraging them to the next ambitious dive. It’s sport in a spontaneous way. It’s challenge smiling


June 22, São Miguel Island

A steady breath of wind whispered in astonishing rocky spots. Azores expressed their unique essence for World Series fourth stage

Slavik Kolesnikov diving at Azores - Red Bull Cliff Diving - Lineupping


July 14, Beirut

In good company of two Beirut impressive icons, Red Bull Cliff Diving champs stunningly competed above the rocky rim. Celebrating this renewed come back to the Middle East. Facing sky and sea to win the 2019 fifth stage


August 24, Mostar

A recap of Red Bull Cliff Diving latest contest in Bosnia, where Neretva river embraced high divers in its epic flow

Jonathan Paredes diving at Mostar - Red Bull Cliff Diving 2019 - Lineupping


September 14, Bilbao

Looking back to the final clash of 2019 Red Bull Cliff Diving season. Frank Gehry’s silver waves were there enlivening remarkable champs

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