June 12, Saint-Raphaël

Red Bull Cliff Diving came back for good paving the path to Tokyo Olympics. Côte d’Azur gem Saint-Raphaël hosted all the enthusiasm needed for an awaited competition


August 14, Oslo

And they’re buying a stairway to heaven… Red Bull Cliff Diving 2nd stage held at the futuristic Oslo Opera House stirs imagination


August 28, Mostar

The stunning Mostar old bridge has set the high standards of Red Bull Cliff Diving again, in style. Sinuous pirouettes of yesteryear


September 12, Downpatrick Head

Final clash for Red Bull Cliff Diving is just round the corner. Let’s relive the last escape to Downpatrick Head before, when Ireland’s green cliffs caressed divers feet

David Colturi diving at Downpatrick Head by Romina Amato - Red Bull Cliff Diving 2021 -


September 22 & 26, Polignano a Mare

Joyful faces mean another season full of challenges until the very last dive. When you’re expected to confirm your status again. When outsiders are closer. Joyful faces mean Red Bull Cliff Diving
2021 champions Rhiannan Iffland and Gary Hunt

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